Shaping the Journey

Vivid Sport is a company with a strong national focus and a holistic view to player management. We are committed to ensuring our players can focus entirely on maximising their on-field performance and potential while we ensure all is in order off the field.


The support that the team at Vivid Sport have given me since day one has been fantastic. They always have my best interests at heart and have embraced not just me, but also my family and friends. They are always there to give advice when I need it but respect my decisions and listen to what I want. They are caring and respectful and are not just my management team they are also my friends.

The team at Vivid Sport care about more than just what you do on the football field. They have not only looked after me with my football career, but also in my life away from football. That's how you know they really care.

Vivid Sport have always provided excellent advice and support no matter how many questions and concerns we - as parents - had. The AFL system is difficult to understand and navigate unless you have expert assistance – the team at Vivid provide that assistance.

It’s more than a business for the team at Vivid.

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