What We Do

Vivid Sport is a company with a strong national focus and a holistic view to player management. We are committed to ensuring our players can focus entirely on maximising their on-field performance and potential while we ensure all is in order off the field.

With a range of experienced operatives and a network of people boasting a wide variety of skill sets, we provide a comprehensive “one stop shop” for AFL footballers young and old.

Vivid Sport is one of the AFL’s most active and engaged management companies and has a proven record of getting the job done, of getting players where they want to be. Like the off-season trades of Adam Treloar, Charlie Dixon and Lachie Weller.

We have steered players through some of the great personal stories in football. Like Mitch Robinson, Brendan Whitecross, Allen Christensen and Alex Pearce.

We are helping to guide the careers of some of the hottest young talent in the AFL. Like Eric Hipwood, James Harmes and Chayce Jones.

When our first AFLW signings Emma Zielke and Sabrina Frederick took the field in their first ever AFLW game we were so proud of what they had achieved just to get to that point. And when the siren went at the end of the Grand Final we were even more proud.

We stick by our players through good and bad. And when a player is de-listed we continue to support them, either by endeavouring to find them a new AFL home, or to pursue football at another level. This includes players like Matt Hammelmann (Redland - NEAFL) and Jono Freeman (Aspley - NEAFL), whilst Corey Wagner (Melbourne) and Sam Collins (Gold Coast) have returned to the AFL system after a year in the VFL.

But Vivid Sport isn’t just about the players. We also manage a range of AFL coaches. Like Ken Hinkley, Michael Voss, Josh Drummond, Rhyce Shaw and Daniel Merrett.

In the ultra-professional, ever-competitive and often impersonal environment of the AFL it is more than a business for the team at Vivid. We genuinely care about the players and coaches who make up the Vivid family. For us it's personal.

It’s more than a business for the team at Vivid.

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